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IoT Sales Organization Transformation Services

Transforming and Fine Tuning

Transforming and fine-tuning your approach to selling in the era of Digital Transformation will have dramatic impact on your growth.  In order to get it right, you need a systems-based approach that addresses the following:

  • Hiring/Building/Adapting your sales team
  • Supporting account teams with process and methodology
  • Training and enabling of account teams
  • Management and optimization of the sales team

Systems Approach

Based on our team’s hands-on experience with hundreds of customers in the tech sector, DTI has created a systems-based approach specific to selling IoT / Digital Transformation that looks holistically at the sales organization in order to generate near and long-term results.  The keys to this systems approach are:

  • Focus on Co-Creating Value with your customers
  • Understand your customer, their buying process and their IoT/DX Maturity level
  • Building an Adaptive Mindset in your account team members
  • Enabling the whole account team: Sellers, Sales Managers, Sales Engineers, Solution Architects

IoT/Sales Transformation Services

Sales Organization IoT/DX Readiness Assessment

Based on our extensive work in IoT/DX, relevant verticals and sales enablement, we assess your capabilities against a model of a fully proficient IoT/DX Sales team, and provide you a roadmap to build towards proficiency.  The Assessment addresses:

People and Process

What roles are missing? What processes do you need to integrate or change?


Who do you need to partner with? 

Account Team IoT/DX Readiness Assessments

Leveraging the DTI Self-Directed Competency Platform, management gets direct visibility into their organizations capabilities related to IoT and Digital Transformation.

IoT/DX Sales Process

Based on your competencies, solutions, and vision, DTI will define and support the implementation of a sales process that accelerates time to revenue and close rates. We will provide a measurable means for growing relationships and deal size. DTI enables you with the tools and information to make your top sellers successful by bringing their best practices into your IoT/DX Sales Process.  We merge what your top sellers do into our industry best practices to form a collaborative, phased approach for success. This aligns, positions and differentiates the clients solutions with their customers’ drivers, objectives and challenges throughout the sales process, inherently increasing customer value. Processes will support:

  • Your specific sales cycle for successful IoT/DX solution wins
  • Alignment of internal resources and expertise for effective sales execution
  • How your customers define value
  • Proactive positioning of solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Articulation and differentiation of your unique value proposition
  • Strategic Account Management for IoT/DX Deals

IoT/DX Productization Best Practices

Positioning your solutions in a world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) requires solutions that are adaptive and strategically aligned with your customer’s needs for growth, efficiency and innovation. Digital transformation is a means for delivering successful business outcomes for customers. DTI works with you to ensure that you position and tailor solutions and services aligned with the needs of your customers.

IoT/DX Sales Enablement Content Customization: DTI has an extensive portfolio of field-tested content supporting IoT/DX sales enablement objectives. DTI can rapidly create unique content for you, based on your GTM strategy, your sales process and your value proposition. This includes:

  • Foundational Training on IoT/DX: Your unique brand and go-to-market Digital Transformation solutions that become the stars of awareness level training; DTI can deliver this in all modalities: classroom, webinar or self-paced content.
  • Selling IoT Solutions by the Vertical: Each Vertical offers you different challenges and different rewards in terms of supporting a customers’ Digital Transformation needs. Your sellers need to lead with an understanding the world the customer operates in, the trends, disruptors and opportunities that digitalization represents to them. DTI has both technical and business-oriented content relevant to most key verticals for selling IoT solutions, including:
    • Manufacturing
    • Smart Cities
    • Connected Transportation / Fleet
    • Utilities
    • Oil & Gas
    • Other
  • Strategic IoT/DX Engagement for Sellers: It is critical in IoT/DX sales that sellers think strategically about the potential customer, and plan accordingly. This includes researching relevant aspects of the customers industry, their business, and their culture. DTI’s customizable, skills-based training helps salespeople and account managers recognize the competitive advantage that comes with presenting a clear and consistent value message before, during and after the sales process. During the training, salespeople work on actual customer profiles, and start modelling proper research and planning techniques that can ensure that they go into every customer interaction ready to provide customer-defined value.

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In addition to Dan being the LaaS and PaaS models and systems guru, his passion for everything learning makes him the prime specialist to support our client’s digital transformation initiatives.  Dan is excited to bring his knowledge and skills to enable corporations to exceed their digital business goals. 

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