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DTI offers free learning sessions to increase awareness on all things Digital Transformation. Our presenters are leading subject matter experts who have a passion to communicate resourceful information which will help solve your digital challenges. Browse the collection of upcoming and on-demand web seminars here. Please contact us to suggest any web seminar topics you are interested in.

How to Pivot Your Company Towards Deep Learning - 2.21.2018 @ 1:00 pm EST

The pivot for an organization (startup or existing enterprise) towards AI requires a fundamental shift in their Business Model. The complex and nebulous topic of business model innovation is reframed into a lean and pragmatic approach in helping you create monetizable AI offerings from your existing product and service offerings. In this learning session, we'll showcase this using a number of examples from the various industries such as Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and others.

Debunking the AI Talent Scarcity Myth-3.6.2018 @ 1:00 pm EST

At the 2017 San Francisco AI Conference Andrew Ng admonished that one of the four tenets of becoming an AI organization requires 'Talent and New Job descriptions'. This Talent piece is 'the foundation' of success for an organization pivoting towards AI. The goal of this learning session is to showcase that that Talent Scarcity is a myth. By leveraging a Talent Management Framework optimized for AI, you will gain insights on how to address, mitigate and resolve your challenges around the acquiring, reskilling, retaining and managing talent for your organization's pivot towards AI. In this se

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Digital Transformation Specialist

Zaki Mohammad

Chief Transformation Officer

My Technology Perspective

Zaki's unique decades long career evolution starting as an Accountant, CCIE certified Systems Engineer, Solution Architect, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Course Developer, Conference Speaker, Data Scientist and AI subject matter expert leading successful consulting and project engagements.

Digital Transformation Specialist

Mike Kunkle

Sales Transformation Architect

My Technology Perspective

Mike Kunkle has worked for multiple software and SaaS companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 25 corporations. Most recently he held the roles of Sr. Director of Sales Enablement and Sr. Director of Sales Readiness Consulting for Brainshark, a leading sales enablement technology vendor. 

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IoTBuild | March 27-28

Join us as we head to IoTBuild as they present tried and tested end user case studies and hosts candid, open discussion.